Sponge cake

Sponge cake

Sponge cake

A sweet … sweet love children and to which you can accompany ice cream of your choice!An old-fashioned flavor that sometimes look and those more modern times nothing can replace it!


20 well-beaten egg yolks
20 egg whites beaten to stiff meringue
18 tbs nisistes
18 tbs sugar
nose teaspoons soda

For the syrup
1 cup. water
1 cup. sugar
1 shot vanilla

For the glaze
3 cups. powdered sugar
3 tbsp hot water or milk
1 shot vanilla


1. Pour into the meringue partially the niseste, sugar and baking soda, stirring very gently with a spatulafrom the bottom up.

Two. Add the egg yolks and continue to stir everything gently until consolidated materials.

Three. Place the mixture into a buttered and dusted with flour baking pan and bake at a low temperature until golden brown tawny.

4. Boil water with sugar and vanilla for 10 minutes and we make a syrup. 5. Sprinkle with syrup cake has cooled anymore.

6. Prepare the glaze by hitting the water with the sugar and vanilla, until they become a liquid cream.

7. Cover with white icing in a thin even layer.

At the same recipe if you divide it into two round pans, you will have ready bases for a cake that you ve build.

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