Calamari Croatian Kalamáry

Calamari Croatian Kalamáry



A lot of people in Croatia consider calamari an aphrodisiac. Let’s enjoy this delicious seafood recipe, even far away from the beautiful Dubrovnik view.


500 gr. small calamari, cleanedBATTER 1½ cup flour  1½ cup beer 2 tbsp olive oil   1 tsp sugar salt and pepper oil for grying flour for frying


Dry the calamari as good as you can. Salt them according to your taste.
In a large bowl, mix well together all the ingredients of the batter. Let it rest for 30 minutes.
In a large wide pan, heat the oil until very hot.
Dip the calamari in the batter, and dip them in the sizzling oil not too close with each other.
As soon as they have a golden color, take them out and place them on a  towels to dry completely. Serve


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