A Mountain-top Chestnut Festival

A Mountain-top Chestnut Festival

A chestnut festival that takes place every year in Kastanitsa is happening Saturday October 26th 2013.
The festival has become an attraction for locals and Greeks, as well as for foreigners visiting the mountain-tops of Parnon.

During the chestnut festival, you will have the chance to try roasted and boiled chestnuts, and taste different kinds of treats made from chestnut. You will experience local products (which you can take home with you) and you will certainly enjoy yourselves with folk music and traditional dances.
There are always extra events going on, such as photography and art exhibitions in the Cultural Centre of the village Kastanitsa, usually focused on the chestnut.

Mount Parnonas was famous, from “the old times”, for its extensive forests. Naturally, the long-term human presence has significantly altered the original character of the region, but the vegetation, the types of habitats and flora maintain even today, a high ecological value.


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