Aleria, standing grand in the city

Aleria, standing grand in the city

Aleria is housed in a renovated neoclassical building almost like a foreigner in an area of Athens that is run down but cultured. The garden is a haven, beautifully lit, grand but simultaneaously cosy.

At Aleria you will find an interesting mix of posh and familiar. It is a restaurant that has a sui generis style, with various interesting decorative objects dispersed around the space in artistic compositions. Wood and stone is a recurring theme; they have maintained the beautiful old flooring and combined it with large stone tiles, the walls are all stone, the doors are wooden and many of the objects are of that new wooden style that gives off a certain modern cottage feel. The service is genuinely excellent and with character. The lights in the garden are atmospherically positioned so as to give off magic which combined with the large clock hanging on the wall to create a dinner-time story for those dining amidst the vivid plants.

The food is always very carefully presented and of international standard. The chefs who have passed through the restaurant have worked closely with the owner towards refining the dishes to their best possible rendering. The wine list is not only extensive, supporting both the best local vineyards and renown international wines, but the staff is also very willing to explain and analyze that which you are drinking. The food is always gratifying, and perhaps our only concern is that one always leaves satiated above what one can handle. Responding to the current situation in Greece they have created the €28 mix and match menu, that is a great bargain for what one gets.

The tastes are all rounded and the options are varied, though take care of the combination you make as some appetizers and main courses are very similar in taste and garnish! The desserts were tasteful but perhaps unnecessary effort had been made to move from the traditional desserts without the utmost success. Aleria has been a learning experience for the young owner, Nikiforos Kehayadakis, who has built the restaurant from scratch following the process at every step. He has made the decorative, food and drink choices; and through his own passion and perfectionism has managed to surround himself by an equally enthusiastic staff.

The restaurant business is a hard one for the inexperienced, but Nikiforos has successfully combated it and now become a knowledgeable restauranteur!


Address: Megalou Alexandrou 9
Telephone: +30 210 52 22633

Price per person: €28 for three course menu (+€40 picking freely off the menu)

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday 8:30pm – closing


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