Kimatothrafstis All you can Eat

Kimatothrafstis All you can Eat

A colorful and vivid buffet awaits you! Choose between two different sized plates and fill them with anything you like.

Kimatothrafsits is about food well made by people who love cooking.

The menu never stays the same, and changes depending on the whim of the chef of the day.  Artistically decorated and extremely well priced!Homey. Filling and Delicious.Kimatothrafstis was opened 3 years ago,  though it feels like it has been around forever. The owner created it in the hope of adding a qualitative but cheap place to the Athens restaurant scene; he focuses much more on the substance and living organism of the place rather than the promotional or external appearance.

This does not mean that you will not find interesting art hanging on the walls and an aesthetic surrounding. The people working there are well taken care of and serve and cook as though they are serving at home. The chefs get a daily budget to work with, write a list of produce, and then improvise with what they bought and what they feel like making. It is wonderful as the tastes remind one much of home!


Address: Harilaou Trikoupi and Valtetsiou, Exarheia

Price per person: €3,40 small plate – €6,80 large plate

Opening Hours: Monday- Saturday 1:30pm- 11:30 pm
Sunday 1:30- 8:00pm


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