Mandragoras (The Mandrake) in Pireaus

Mandragoras (The Mandrake) in Pireaus

Mandragoras is on a commercial street of the Pireaus market, despite this it is not any old store. The journey begins on the the outside with the beautiful hand drawn paintings that decorate its storefront, and continues inside through the smells of the herb and spice section and the tastes of the multiple traditional goods.

Mandragoras has offered its service to the public since 1955. It began as a tiny store that sold all sorts of things, from spices to wire sponges, but it became known for the quality of its spices and herbs. It now has an additional space to the right of the spice market that has all sorts of traditional food stuff mostly from around Greece. A perfect stop on your journey to or from an island, a great place to learn about local goods and supply yourself with quality ingredients for a dinner party.Spices and herbs in abundance, rare flours that you didn’t even know existed, all sorts of dried fruits, dairy products from a small Greek farm, and produce especially made for Mandragoras, all presented in an organized and understandable way.

All the staff is knowledgeable on the health benefits, origins and uses of the produce.Initially run and owned by Fotis Vassilopoulos, Mandragoras is now in the caring hands of Giannis his son. As an over active and ambitious individual he has grown Mandragoras into what it is today, taking the knowledge his father has imparted and multiplied it ten-fold! The love that has been put in tthe establishment is evident and the research behind each choice as well.


Address: Gounari 14, Pireaus       Map

Telephone: +30 210 41 72 961

Price per person: some things are more expensive than elsewhere but they assure us the price reflects the quality

Opening Hours: Monday – Wednesday – Saturday 7:45am-4pm
Tuesday – Thursday- Friday 7:45am-8pm


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