Souvlaki “Lefteris o Politis” since 1951

Souvlaki “Lefteris o Politis” since 1951

One of the most legendary places to eat souvlaki downtown. Visit a rough but interesting area of Athens through the customers and the epic taste.

Stand in line alongside workers, locals who have been eating this souvlaki since childhood, and immigrants, in one of the areas of Athens you would not normally be guided to. Enjoy a top notch souvlaki!Souvlaki like no other; pita bread, tomato, fresh onion, greek burger, tonnes of red paprika!When you arrive you will notice that there are two “Lefteris o Politis” side by side.

The one that has been around since 1951 is on the right and is more picturesque in its clientele and in-descriptive decoration. The owner Lefteris Savoglou came from Constantinople also know as the “Poli” (the city) thus the name of the establishment “Lefteris o Politis” (Lefteris from the city) and also the limited option of bifteki and soutzouki.  The second one is more like a traditional Souvlaki store with a greater variety of options to choose from.


Address: Satovriandou 20, Omonoia

Telephone: +30 210 5225676

Price per person: €1.90 Greek burger Souvlaki (bifteki) €2.00 Spiced Minced Sausage Souvlaki (soutzouki)

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 8am- 9:30pm

Saturday 8am – 5pm
Sunday Closed



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