Turkey with Corn Bread

Turkey with Corn Bread

This recipe is a twist on the taste of corn bread stuffed turkey; here the corn bread works as a base which the turkey sits on top in pieces. Easier to control the taste and the dryness than with a stuffed turkey.


1 small turkey-cock
4-5 fresh onions, chopped
100 gr butter
1 corn bread
1 lemon



Preheat the oven to 180°C

1. Rub turkey with salt, pepper, butter and lemon. Roast it in the oven and baste with its juice.

2. Place some butter in a small pot along with fresh onions, add the lemon juice, a little water and simmer.

3. Crush the corn bread and roll it in the juice. Allow the mixture to boil for several minutes.

4. Put the bread on a plate, cut the turkey into pieces and place them on top. Serve hot.


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