Local Food Cooperatives

Local Food Cooperatives

A food cooperative made up of people who both run, produce and deliver all the produce; strictly seasonal, traditional cultivation methods and genetically unmodified seeds.

There are cooperatives out there, trying within our present corporate and commercial environments to support different production methods, protect our natural heritage and create direct relationships with producers skipping the mediary. They are not interested in advertising, neither seeing the people who buy their goods as consumers and numbers but as real relationships with people who’s actions have consequences and mean something more than an exchange of good for money.Usually the quality of produce is the best you will find, almost like coming from your own garden and even better! The fewest amount of fertilizers, good quality seeds and carefully grown.There is a specific such cooperative in the center of Athens, that wished not to be named or written about out of choice. They wish to protect their goal and principles. Already the minimum wait at the till during the day is 1hour. They open only on Tuesdays and Thursdays and their produce is barely enough. They do not want to change the way they work, and do not want to create a “work force” in order to handle the amount of work as it would defeat the purpose of having a cooperative where every single one of the participants is equally involved in different parts of the project.


Address: Look for one close to you

Telephone: Contact details unknown

Price per person: very good prices

Opening Hours: Depends on the store, depending on the size, the amount of produce they have.


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