Art de la Table of the Holiday season

Art de la Table of the Holiday season

Just as important is the food on the festive dinner table, even more so  is the making of  the table.


Dazzle your guests this Christmas Season with a festive table you’ve created with the best tableware, linens and decorative items you have hidden in your cupboards and have not used for a whole year!  Simple details added to your table, like a beautiful candlelight and festive accessories can create an instant holiday spirit.

Now is the time use all the beautiful stuff your Grandma gave you, whether it is a tablecloth, china or silver. Nothing needs to be necessarily expensive, but only the best fits to this special occasion.
Fill the house with Poinsettias, the red flower of the Holy night. They do not cost a lot and give color to the house.

Use your imagination to think and create ideas that will make you table different than anything before, even with the simplest stuff. Ask your children to write the placement cards . This will take them out of your way while bringing the crystals.

It’s up to you to establish a warm and inviting atmosphere and make this year’s Holiday season xtraordinary.


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