Potatoes with Saffron

Potatoes with Saffron

This aromatic potato dish is and excellent  side dish for meats and chicken, but could also be a complete meal on its own along with a good piece of cheese or salad.


1 kg small potatoes
20 – 25 stigmata saffron soaked
1 glass of white wine Muscat
1 tsp spice grain
some olive oil
nigella seeds for sprinkling


1.  Warm some oil in a deep frying pan or a shallow pot. Cut the potatoes in halh if they are big.

2.  Throw in the potatoes and let them fry. They should all be one layered in the pan.

3.  Cover the frying pan with the lid and lower the temperature so they could become tender inside.

4.  When the potatoes are tender, add the salt, the spice, the wine and the saffron, remove the lid and stir often.

5.  When the wine has evaporated place the potatoes on a platter and sprinkle with the nigella seeds.


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